Sunday, 12 June 2011

A very healthy and yummy breakfast: biscotti ubriachi/ drunken biscuits (vegan recipe)

This was originally my mother's recipee that I have turned into a slightly healthier version in the sense that I have dramatically reduced the quantity of sugar and replaced a white flour with few interesting flour mixing. Here is one of the many possible.

500 gr of total flour that you may split into
  • 350 gr plain white wheat flour
  • 150 gr oats or spelt or kamut or barely flour
but you may also choose to go healthier if put the white wheat flour down to 200 gr and add 150 gr of whole wheat flour. In this case it would be:
  •  200 gr plaine white wheat flour
  • 150 gr whole wheat flour
  • 150 gr oats or spelt or kamut or barely flour
I always suggest to use organic ingredients when possible and it goes by itself that a bodied stone ground organic flour is 100 times better than a chemically refined white flour.

50 gr good sugar cane (I think of the organic dark one that smells like liquorice but not the crystals.
1 glass of extra virgin olive oil (ok, any oil will do but do you want to compare extra virgin olive oil?)
1 glass of Vin Santo
50 gr of raisin
30 gr of pineseeds
yeast: I use Organic yeast coming from raisin skin, or cream of tartar sometimes  that was used by my mother in law but 2 teaspoon of Soda carbonate will also do.

Let me add that if you can't find the Vin Santo (a sweet white wine from Tuscany), you can use any other wine. Of course you will not have this characteristic smell maybe but I can ensure it will still be good. For those who are non drinkers there should not be any problem because the alchool evaporates in the oven and you only gets the aroma of the wine but if you are not feeling safe, try using gree tea instaed, or light coffe or any fruit juice.

We are done: no butter, no eggs that's why they can also be called vegan biscuits.

Once you have mixed very well the different flours in a bowl, add all the other ingredients and mix very well till you get a pasty consistency. It will not be neither too liquid nor too dry but smooth and you should be able to easily turn the dough into 50 gr tablets that you will bake in your convenction oven at 180 ° Celsius for about 25-30 minutes (everyone knows his oven).
Switch the oven on and set the temperature while you are still making the 50 gr biscuits (keep a scale next to you) and try to hide as much as possible the raisin and the pinenuts in order not to expose them directly to the hit of the oven.
When the 25-30 minutes are gone, open the oven and check them out. Stab a toothpick in and if it comes out dry, it means the biscuits are ok and the oven can be swithced off but keep it closed for another 5 minutes, then open for another 15 minutes at least of since they cool down.
Don't store them in anywhere before they are perfectly cooled down.
Enjoy them and let me know.

Food is Love

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