Sunday, 12 June 2011

I introduce myself

I am an Italian woman with a great passion for food. I was blessed with this passion since ever and sometimes I wonder if it is just a coincidence that I married a chef.
I have been travelling the world with him because of his career for the past 20 years, so wherever I go, I am always an expatriate wife and as such, I have done by best to find my way around and express my skills according to what was possible or requested in the market.
So despite my Italian Degree in French Literature and my first profession in Italy as Tour Operator, I was also a journalist for a Government Radio Broadcasting service, Italian teacher for English speakers, proofreader for a Publisher house, Retail Manager for Gucci, translator for the Italian Embassy, Restaurant manager, Importer of fresh vegetables for large distributors.
In the meantime my husband has become a highly regarded chef who runs the kitchens of super de luxe hotels all over the world. The people I meet is usually very enticed by his profession and it is quite common to assume that whatever I cook, I was taught by him.
But this is not true for a chef usually doesn't cook at home and when he is at home (seldom), the last thing he wants to do is spending time in the kitchen.
One day after a dinner, some guests were stressing yet again, how beneficial it would be to have a chef as a husband who can teach you everything!
So, a friend of mine, who knows the story,  came out with "the chef's wife" while trying ironically to unfold the relation between me, the restaurant I should open according to general opinion just because I can cook few things, and my husband's profession.
It goes without saying that I share a lot with him. On the other side though it actually happens more often that he uses my ideas or tips and transforms them in elaborated dishes that blossom in his structured menus rather than the other way round because he has no time to teach and there is nothing I could copy from him without a proper training.
I am generally not attracted by the use of already made recipes although I love reading them because this gives me a kind of cue for something else.
When I do my shopping, I seldom have a recipe in mind, I rather like buying what I find beautiful and fresh. It will be fun, once at home, be inspired by what I see on my table.
Same time, I adore opening the fridge and inventing my recipe according to what is available. This is how I prepare my food on a daily base. 
I learnt cooking by watching my mum and like her, most of my recipes go "ad occhio" (roughly), which basically means to add your ingredient as required.

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