Friday, 8 July 2011

Home made crakers

It has been a month or maybe over that I haven't bought any bread at the supermarket. Being Italian I am very fond of bread but the bread I find here ...I understand is more a build up of calories than a nutritious accompanying.
But with the pesto just made...and even next day, with the pesto in the fridge...
It was necessary to create an alternative to bread.
Here they come Crackers.

I called them crakers because of the flat shape and because this is a bit the use they do for me but I have no idea how to make real crackers.
This are instead the ingredients to make the Piadina, (except that flour should be white) but I used them in a different way.
I mixed 500 gr of wholewheat flour (possibly organic and stone grounded) with half tea spoon calcium bicarbonate, 50 gr (yes, I weight it!) extra virgin olive oil and made it into a soft dough.
Then I pulled out the historic pasta maker that every mother of a certain generation gives to the daughter of a another certain generation (just to remain vague) and that I always bring with me anywhere we move, and I made few irregular stripes that I then cooked on a double panini sandwich grill.
Finally I opened the fridge and put my hands on the Green Gold. After this it was its flavor to guide me!

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